Campaigns & Communications

Support to deliver creative marketing campaigns and communications that drive new customers and retain current ones. 

A comprehensive monthly marketing package that covers several channels and takes the weight off your shoulders. Got a strategy? Great, I’ll deliver it. If not, check out the Customer Magnet Workshop

Wow your contacts with engaging emails including newsletters, key campaigns, and slick automations to build an outstanding customer journey. 

Campaigns and Communications
Campaigns and Communications
Campaigns and Communications

Customer Magnet Package (Monthly)


You already have a customer journey strategy in place. If not, check out the Customer Magnet Workshop first.
You need someone to deliver marketing for you and take the weight off your shoulders.
You want customers to be eager to buy from you and clients to be eager to work with you.
You want to attract customers/clients then keep them loyal to you.
You need to be clearer on what your customers/clients want.
You need to build better customer/client relationships.
You need to know what messages to send your customers/clients and via which marketing channels.
You want a dazzling marketing strategy that brings your brand to life, resonates with your audience and converts them into customers and clients.

What to expect

1. Introductory Call
for me to find out more about your business and do a SWOT analysis.
2. An Integrated Marketing Communications Plan
including recommended channels, messages, and content plus timings for delivery.
3. Channel Mix
will be email, CRM, blogs, and social media.
4. Deliverables
Creation and publishing of email newsletters, campaigns and automations, CRM database management, blog posts, and social media content.
5. Planning Calls
Bi-weekly 1 hour update/planning call.
6. Monthly Performance Report

The Investment

Bespoke quoted dependent on your requirements and deliverables (see ‘4. deliverables’ under ‘what to expect’ above)

As an example, 3 deliverables would be approximately £995 per month, 6 deliverables would be approximately £1800 per month.

Please note – I believe in a long-term, considered approach based on customer journey, so I’ll only deliver your marketing campaign if there is a strategy behind it.

Got a strategy? Great! If not, check out the  Customer Magnet Workshop

Email Marketing


You don't know where to start with email marketing

You need a helping hand to set up your customer database, collect email addresses, and start sending out inspiring emails.

You need to make the most of your customer data

Your database needs some serious organisation so you can optimise and personalise your email marketing.

Your email templates could do with a refresh

so you can engage your customers with branded newsletters, automations and campaigns. 

You want to set up some slick email automations

to convert prospects and retain current customers.

What to expect

1. Introductory Call
Introductory call for me to find out more about your business, target audience, and objectives.
2. Data clean
I'll sort through existing customer data, tidy, segment and organise it.
3. Database set-up and organisation
The 'cleaned' data will be imported into a CRM system, tagged and ready to start sending communications. I can use one you currently have or set one up from scratch.
4. Collation points
You'll want to keep collating email addresses in future, so I'll set-up 'subscribe' points on your website or a landing page that you can link to.
5. Branded templates
I'll design branded templates you can use to send out smart, consistent email communications to your customers.
6. Training and ongoing management
Learn how to keep on top of your customer data and send out engaging emails. Or, maybe you want me to take that pressure from you? I can train you in how to deliver an effective email marketing plan or act as your email marketer and manage it for you.

The Investment

Bespoke-quoted depending on your requirements

From £1100

Campaigns and Communications